Elite PC Gaming

Who are we?

Elite Pc Gaming is a community that exists for gamers. We pride ourselves on operating a sociable experience while playing your favorite games with people who also love gaming. Have you ever found yourself playing a game you truly enjoy but having nobody to share the experience with? Look no further. EPC is aiming to support a vast array of games whether they are on the PC, XBOX, PlayStation and even WII. We want all our members to enjoy themselves (no pun intended).

Casual Players Welcome

We are looking for players than know how to enjoy the game the best way possible. Our community would love to help players meet new people to get along with and just let them know there is always someone there to play with. We are looking for people who just want to have fun. We pride ourselves on being a rage/drama free community, promoting good sportsman like behaviour and welcome people of all skills levels and ranks.

There's a home for professional gamers too

Players that are wishing to get into the competitive side can do so freely with us. We welcome all those who believe in winning and winning in style! We've got a strong infrastructure in place that'll help setup teams for ladders and tournaments. Our plans for Elite Pc Gaming in competitive gaming is only rising and we cannot wait to share the experience with you. 

The games we currently support

World Of Warcraft, League of Legends, Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Dota, Diablo, Battlefield, Arma, and many others. We're currently looking to expand our clan members in all of the above mentioned games, if you feel that have something to give us as a community of gamers, please feel free to get in touch with us.

Expectations from both parties

We expect all of our members to adhere to each individual games rules and ToS for all games. We expect everyone to be active on our forums, team speak and in game. As such we require members to have a working mic and headset. All in all we want to recruit people who are willing to help Elite Pc Gaming grow and portray us in a positive light at all times. In return we promise a fun clan with active members, an active team speak server and soon some competitions and clan contests to keep things interesting.

Due to the nature of the games we play, we employ an 18+ recruitment scheme.

Recruitment Link